Logistix Solicitors was formed in the year 2005 as a direct response to the ever dynamic commercial industry. With a penchant for lateral thinking, creativity and industry, we have quickly become synonymous with professionalism and quality service delivery with a reputation of efficient transaction management in Nigeria.

We have proven to be a dynamic law firm dedicated to anticipating clients’ concern and aspirations and providing excellent services in an effective and cost sensitive manner. By paying close attention to the inter-play between clients’ legal issues and their commercial objectives, we seek to build and sustain relationships by completely understanding our clients’ business and exceeding their expectations.

Logistix Solicitors is a multi specialist firm and has brought under one roof a single resource of experience in different core practice areas on the cutting edge of commercial law practice in Nigeria and the world. Such distinction has been achieved by combining outstanding personal skills and pedigree with an abiding commitment to our vision of excellence in client service.

The hallmark of Logistix Solicitors is our commitment to consistently seeking ways of improving not only the services we render, but in improving the lives and business of the clients we represent. We combine expertise with organizational efficiency to achieve desired objectives.